We offer a comprehensive range of robust payment and collection options to meet the requirements of our corporate and institutional clients, for both domestic and international banking needs..


UnionOne is our Corporate Cash Management Solution which provides a single gateway to a robust payments application as well as a customisable account receivable solution thus affording our clients visibility, control and access to their receivables..

Payments Module

UnionOne Payments Module is primed to provide our corporate customers a customizable platform for their recurrent payable requirements. Corporate customers can use the solution to make payments to their Suppliers, Vendors, Taxes and Staff Salaries across their designated banks.

UnionOne Collections Module

The UnionOne Collections Module is a customisable in-branch solution that provides our corporate clients with access to their account receivables at any of our offices nationwide. It provides corporates (who deal with a large number of customers, dealers or distributors) the ability to effectively render customized collections services with specific details and can be seamlessly integrated to their Enterprise Resource Planning tool (ERP). Also, clients on UnionOne Collection Module will be able to access online reports of in-branch payments, in real time.

UnionOne Liquidity Management

Our dynamic liquidity management module provides you with the best solutions to help you meet your financial obligations as and when due, through careful management of your liquid assets.
Functions provided by the platform include: availability of funds in the right account(s) at the right time, minimising overdraft costs, and optimizing the return from your balances.

Consolidated balance reporting

Consolidated balance reporting combines all your cash balances across banks and across all currencies thus providing you with a tool to view your company’s overall cash position. Transaction-specific details are available on all forms of payment activity, including deposits, cheques, electronic transfers, collections, borrowing and investments. Balances and statements can be obtained through Union One or SWIFT.

Account Management

Whether your company is national or global, you need at least one transactional bank account to facilitate your payments and collections. You also need to be able to track balances, record transactions and establish account positions to manage your liquidity.
We offer a range of resident and non-resident account types to suit your company’s specific needs. Accounts offered include Current accounts, Money Market accounts, Escrow accounts, and Foreign Institutional Bank accounts.